International Skills Training

The International Skills Training (IST) courses were launched as a new Australian Government initiative in April 2017. AIAL is proud to deliver Industry Skills Training courses licensed by the Australian Government in partnership with Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. IST courses are specifically designed and developed for the offshore international student market.

AIAL currently offers the following courses:

  • Trainer: provides learners with a vocational background the skills to train learners in their industry of expertise. Skilled trainers will have the confidence and capacity to make reasoned judgements when training, including adapting teaching materials and learning techniques to meet their industry and learner needs.
  • Assessor: provides learners with a vocational background the skills to assess learners in their industry of expertise. Skilled assessors will be able to help meet the needs of industry and enterprises through assessing learners’ skills and knowledge for the workplace.
  • Advanced Trainer and Assessor: provides learners with the skills to take up a leadership role within a training organisation, enterprise or industry. Advanced trainers and assessors will assume a critical role in the development of skilled workers, so that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to help shape professional practice in their country’s vocational education and training system.

These unique international training and assessment courses provide participants with quality Australian VET background and skills to train or assess learners in their industry of expertise. The IST Courses focus on the development of high quality trainers and assessors.

The IST courses have been designed to teach core skills in high-demand job roles with a focus on building capacity of the workforce and improving access to skilled labour. These courses support the international workforce in developing the skills and capacity necessary to meet the aspirations for economic growth held across all ASEAN Nation States and their need to grow their skills capacity.

Learners who successfully complete a course will be awarded a completion certificate carrying the Australian Government crest and the Australia Future Unlimited brand. The Australian Government is working with national governments and relevant organisations to support recognition of the courses internationally. Certificates and Statements of Training can be verified via the International Skills Training Courses Program Verification Database.

Please see the following link for more details regarding these courses: International Skills Training Courses.